Thursday, October 16, 2008


Its strange... I want some music in my life. For years I have not felt this way. I didn't enjoy music on the radio, I prefer talk radio and don't like it when they play music between segments, preferring the talking.
Currently I am watching a Metallica with the Symphony Orchestra DVD and loving it. Tomorrow Mark and I will head out to JB HiFi to get some CDs. He really wants the 10th Anniversary Beer Songs, I want Welcome to the Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses and Beyonce Knowles new song "If I were a Boy" I heard that on Hamish and Andy last week and totally fell in love with it. I haven't heard it since but feel slightly obsessed about hearing it again.

In other news....
Marky is a bit sick - its currently 3.45am and we're on the couch watching the DVD together after he woke me with a "yucky feeling" in his tummy. Well he tried to poo without success, then all of a sudden he jumped up and said "I need to vomit" and the good boy made it to the loo and spewed his guts up. Poor little fella. Hence I won't send him to school tomorrow and we'll go to JB together :)

Still more news.....
After work tonight Jamie said that his old friend from the Boeing Picket line (older readers of this blog will know that for 10 months back in 2005 Jamie was on strike over collective bargaining) was coming over in the afternoon. Rom, let me tell you about Rom, he loud, opinionated, annoying but essentially a good hearted man. Rom had a woman called "Rosanna" with him, she is Chilean and didn't speak any English, only Spanish. Rom is orignially from Chile via Poland and Rosanna is the daughter of his very close friend from Chile, sort of like a niece. She was LOVELY and lonely. SBS doesn't have many spanish tv shows and everyone speaks english. Rom is a huge talker and quite boring - Boeing just lost their contract with the RAAF and so that is the focus of his talking, not something she is interested in. I think she enjoyed being near me and seeing Mark. We were quite good at sign language and managed to communicate. So Friday after work we will take them both to Stockton Beach over the sand dunes and have a BBQ at the beach. So that should be lovely.

I'll talk about my trip to Melbourne later, I'm getting a bit tired.

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