Monday, October 06, 2008

Love Mondays...

I know that Sir Bob sings "I don't like Monday's" but I actually do. As usual its all about the TV. I love City Homicide, Bones and the best Boston Legal. They had better not have replaced it for whatever was on last week.

This Monday was strange. Its the bizarre public holiday in NSW that catches me by surprise each year. Way back before we moved to Newcastle, I flew to Newie to be with Jamie for the weekend to *help* him look for a house to rent and lo-and-behold it was this - I think its Labour Day - long weekend. So we never got a chance to look at rental homes.

I hated work today, far too stressful. But thankfully I don't have similar staffing for 18 days. Leave it for others to deal with, she affects me far too much. Don't know why.

Tomorrow, I leave for a couple of days in Melbourne. Finally get to meet Roy.

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