Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm about to have a couple of days off.

So since the last time I *blogged* lots has happened.

We decided to start renovating. That means scraping off the old paint!!!
We need to repaint the hallway, our room, the scrap room.
We are re-doing the kitchen - completely. New appliances, new flooring, new (or new to us) cupboards and hopefully a new kitchen table.
New carpets in all the bedrooms and the lounge room.
New flooring in the computer room.
I have also discovered the need to replace the bathroom bench top (disintegrating)

Its such a messy job. Paint chips everywhere. Exhausting work. Will be so satisfying when its done.

I'm sick of being a landlord, its a crap situation that is so biased toward the tenants. When someone hasn't paid on time for about a whole year, but we can't evict him due to a public holiday in the eviction period so we haven't given him enough notice. HUMPH.

A huge congratulations to Connie & Paul on the news of their pregnancy. Hopefully we will have moved back by then, so we can be involved in the lives of our nieces and nephews. Sheena is a superstar, Roy is growing SOOOO quickly. I don't want to miss out on the new one as well.

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