Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Some of my favourites:

Packed to the Rafters - This started just after the Olympics. I love everything about this show, its so normal, funny and sad. Just completely normal. I loved the almost relationship that started tonight, Rachel and a man on a bike who had MS - why didn't she kiss him. I was certain he had AIDS and that was what all the medications were about. But it was MS and now he's out of the show :(

All Saints - I'm kind of new to the show. Never watched it before this year and I went through nursing school... imagine that. I love it. I like my days off when I get to watch older episodes. Jamie can I have the box set for Christmas????
Spicks and Specks - This is a music quiz show with two teams of three. Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst are the captains and they each have someone musicals (from all genres) and a comedian. I usually laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. Jamie doesn't like it, but he often watches it with me. I hardly know any of the answers, but enjoy the banter.

Australian Idol - Came in a little late this year. This week was Michael Jackson week. My favourite was Wes singing "Black and White" and Luke singing "The way you make me Feel". I was not such a fan of the renditions of Thriller, Bad and I didn't hear Teale sing "Billie Jean". It was so bizarre, we spent all of lunch time today talking about Idol, and that discussion included one of the lovely consultants. It was quite fun.

Dancing with the Stars - Again its my first year with Dancing, I love it. Yes it was Daniel McPherson that sucked me in. I think he's SOOO beautiful. I reckon Danny Green the boxer will win it. Or that gorgeous Luke from H&A.

Hamish and Andy
, a minor obsession, loving *The Caravan of Courage* 4-6pm weekdays on NX-FM. These guys have taken me away from the ABC.

On the book front I have just finished the TWILIGHT series. I ate it up. Didn't sleep too much when I first got the book. The wasted/spent too much money on the 4 books in the series. IF you haven't read them. I suggest you do it.Link

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