Monday, June 16, 2008

A long time between drinks.

This is ROY DECLAN GEARY. He's our new little nephew/cousin born on the 5th June 2008 to my dearest (and only) sister and her hubby. Roy was a chubby bubby when he was born 4kg or 8lb13oz in the old money. That is Jo's nose and supposedly has a real Geary look as well. Sheena hasn't had much time with her new little brother as she was ill when he was born, so she was kept away and now little Roy is quite unwell. He was born with a VSD or Ventricular Septal Defect. He's currently in the cardiac ward at the Royal Children's Hospital, so is in really good hands. I'll give updates when they come to hand. I'm just busting to smell him... baby and milky.. yum.

I spent a week down in Melbourne waiting for Roy to be born, oops I mean helping out with Sheena in Jo's last week of her pregnancy. I adore Sheena, she is so magical. Happy, loving, bright and funny. We ripped off some Kelly Travolta who said that "Suri Cruise is a real artist". Suri is the same age as Sheena and that is 2.5years old, granted Suri is probably not delayed, but she is still a two year old. Anyway, Sheena did a scribble on a piece of paper and as a supportive adult, you praise the heck out of the drawing. I said to Jo... "you must be so proud to have such a talented artist"... well we thought it was funny.
There really is something about "blood" Sheena just knew that I belonged to her (if you know what I mean). After church on the Sunday that I arrived in Melbourne, Jo and Sheena were already at my parents house, I squealed and made a fuss, well she wouldn't let go.. cuddle city.

Jamie stacked his motorbike. It was his first accident and all he got was a grazed hip and a bruised ego. He was only going about 50km and it was really wet. Lots of people stopped to help him, I just love Novocastrians.

Jamie turned 34 on the 6th June. We went to Forster for his birthday weekend. Connie and Paul came up to visit which was very nice. It rained ++++. Paul cooked us some lovely meals. I love not cooking. We stayed at Smuggler's Cove which is a 4.5 star caravan park and I'd highly recommend it. We had a 3 bedroom unit which was better equipped than my home. On our way home we had a kerpuffle. There was a clunk... we couldn't find the stick it sounded like we ran over. Next the temperature gauge went right up and there we stopped. Our three vehicles were out of action... I got to drive a gorgeous brand new Nissan Maxima for a week... I want a Nissan Maxima, or a Mazda 3, or a Corolla, or a Honda Jazz... umm I want a new car, but will have to make do the "heap of junk" that we call the Commodore. The photos below were taken on the side of the road, in the rain, waiting for a lift/miracle.

Mark's 10th Birthday was very very exciting for him. He was having his first party in 5 years. We invited 6 boys and they ALL CAME. Now I knew girls were noisy, but I had no idea that boys can squeal as loud as girls, but the added excitement of defiance. Well we survived it. Cost far too much money. A pinata, lollies, party hats (no idea why we did that) and because my oven has broken I had to buy a cake... delicious. Too many pizzas.
BUT Mark enjoyed himself All the kids did as well, there were only two that were the stand out annoying ones. The other 5 were great. All were picked up by 9.30pm and we went to bed. We Jamie and Mark had to shoot each other with his toy guns. We got him a game of Uno Attack (very cool people), both sets of grandies got him a PSP game. Jo got him a book which he likes a lot and then there is the CD - Novelty Songs of the 60s and 70s with Up there Kazaley. We're enjoying that. A huge thankyou also to Kathryn (the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world) for the PSP and caring for the puppy dogs. You are a marvel.
The boys after singing Happy Birthday (Madsen had a wet shirt after apple bobbing, hence he was shirtless)

Cake, the toilet paper game which turned into a toilet paper war!!! the pinata, the chocolate game.. YUM

Wow did you make it to the end??? If you did, please go have a cup of tea and good lie down, you deserve it. I'll try not to neglect you so often.

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Thanks so much for all of that. It is so good to be able to read it as well as be told it.

Love U heaps