Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Does anyone know this song???

No more maybes
Your baby's got rabies
Sitting on a ball
In th middle of the Andes

Yeah I'm a freak (of nature)
Yeah I'm a freak

If only I could be as cool as you

Body and soul I'm a freak I'm a freak

Try to be different
Well get a different disease
Seems its a fashion
To need the cold sore cream
I don't really know
How to put on a cool show
As boring as they come
Just tell me where to go

If only I could be as cool as you

Well that is me at the moment, trying to be in fashion by needing the cold sore cream.
All this stress has finally caught up with me and I broke out. Not one, but two cold cores. I feel disgusting, I look disgusting and I'm TIRED.

Roy doesn't need an operation. He is healing himself - clever little boy :)

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Jim said...

Good old oldschool Silverchair ;)