Monday, March 03, 2008

Survived it.

Don't you hate it when work consumes you?
That has been my week.

When I started as a nurse about 5 years ago now, I considered my pay good compared with other jobs I had worked. I knew in comparison to other jobs its pretty well paid. I know that compared to admin jobs, the pay is crap. But I'm not too interested in sitting at a computer doing goodness knows what. I'm happy to be in a job that people understand (to a point) and respect.
Now I'm a little bit further in my career. I'm considered a *senior staff* member and as I'm not a kid, I have that in age as well. I am now responsible for teaching junior or newer staff, I think I'm doing a pretty good job. But now I'm thinking that nurses are just not paid enough. It really takes over your life when work gets tough.

Oh well not really sure where this is going. Maybe I want more pay. Maybe I need to quit again (no I've never quit this job). Nah I'll just calm down a bit.

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