Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Underbelly 2: Tale of Two Cities

I'm not getting into this Underbelly nearly as much as the last one. The villains were more likable in the first one, the sex was a part of the story, not just to show some boobs.

Following the first one was easy, I remember when Jason Moran was shot, I remember when the bloke in Chadstone was shot. Carl Williams got shot near my supermarket in Gladstone Park. Maybe that is what attracted me so much to the first one, the familiarity of it all.

I have heard of *Aussie Bob* Trimbole and Donald McKay. But maybe because it was from before my time, so far it is set in the 70's, it just feels old. I bet the family of Donald McKay it sure isn't old... opening old wounds maybe.

Matthew Newton is playing a bloody good part. For some reason, I just find him adorable, I loved him when he did comedy with David Campbell, loved him on Thank God You're Here, and I even liked that show *Stupid Stupid Man*

My problem is I'm just not getting enough background information about the story. But I'll stick it out, it will get better.

As Jamie mentioned watching it last night, gee it would have been easy to be a drug courier in the 70s. No xray scanners, no drug swabs, not as many customs/security people. Just have to watch out for a guilty conscience, and amazingly these people do not. As *Kiwi Terry* has said many times so far in Underbelly "Its not like anyone gets hurt"

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