Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Email is a fact of modern life. Different people use it, well, differently.

In our family, email is at the top of the ladder of communication. Emails are read promptly, answered promptly and most definitely kept!

When people ask for help, it is provided, but then they don't respond for two days... why ask for the help unless you actually need it. Then PLEASE say thank you, so we know you have received said help.

Its hard to put yourself in someone else's positon and know their regard for email. I feel everyone should be that same as me... surprise surprise.

What is your email philosophy?
What is your Facebook philosophy?
What about Twitter?

I quit Twitter because it was too constant and far too flirty for my liking. As a lot of your will know, I love Facebook, I feel its my home in a way. I respond to a lot of stuff, and it confuses me when people don't comment on your comments. Maybe I'm craving attention... oh I know I am.

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friendphil said...

I was "following the thread"from your blog about your daughter with Downs syndrome, as our DS daughter has just been diagnosed with Infantile Spasm. More about that later... i just wanted to echo the sentiment about people not responding to comments. Maybe I crave attention myself. :)
Okay, now to go back and read more about your daughter.