Thursday, February 02, 2012

First Day of Year 8

My biggest boy started school this morning, and as usual, nerves took hold.

It really looks like a nice school.  Very big, about 1400 kids from year 7 -12.  His old school had around 800 but only 7-10.

The uniform is nice, grey shorts/pants, a white shirt, white socks and black shoes.  Sport uniform is green shorts and a green shirt, which to me begs the question, why the heck are there two uniforms, make the whole lot the sport uniform and be done with it.

Changes from Waratah to Gladdy Park are:
  • Lockers
  • Your own personal copy of the text books
  • Diary
  • 6 classes a day, not 5
Gladstone Park appears to be the school Waratah wants to be.  There is a full gym (along with exercise equipment), 300 seat theatre, hockey, basketball, AFL, soccer, cricket, and handball areas.  Lovely grounds.

We did a dummy run yesterday - took us 40 minutes to walk there, Mark later in the day rode there in 10 mintues!

Today I drove him, tomorrow (depending on how today went) will be on the bike.

I hope he will allow me to take a photo when he gets home.  Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

well congrats and have a nice start =)