Thursday, August 02, 2012


I finally took Ben to the Maternal & Child Health Nurse today for his one year old check up (he is 16 months old).  This was the biggest waste of time I have almost ever experienced.

Firstly she didn't introduce herself or have a name tag on.  She coughed most of the time, fair enough you have a cold, but go get a drink of water to pretend you are doing something about it.  Was much more interested in her computer, sending an email to transfer us to her centre.

She got me to fill in a piece of paper about stuff I'm worried about.  Wasn't very interesting, but covered the basics.  Then we (I mean Ben) did a strip, had his fontanelle checked, checked his little balls were in the right place then a weigh and measure.

Although he is not yet 10kg, I am not to be concerned about his lack of height or weight, he is a small version of normal.

I said I thought he was bowlegged, but that is normal for developing walkers, after a bit his legs will go more knock-kneed, then straighten out to normal shape.

Ryan was reading a book, and was identifying all of the pictures in the book.  She said that was really good.

So I felt rushed, and pushed out.  Not at all what I was expecting from my local (Victorian) MCHN.

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