Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adventures in grocery shopping.

I almost always shop alone.  Fast.  Relatively daily.

Today, I ventured out with my two youngest children.  Ben is thankfully still happy in the trolley.  Ryan now walks (he is 3 you know)

Made Ryan help!  He collected the carrots, cucumbers, picked the fruit.  He's still quite a bit short for a lot of things, but he loved helping.  He does this gorgeous thing with his hand "ala The Price Is Right" when he wants me to look at something.

Once we got home, I wanted to put up our "Santa Please Stop Here" sign.  I tried pushing it in.  Ground is too firm.  So I said "we need a hammer guys" inside we went and Ryan went rushing off.  He came back with his toy hammer, bless his little heart.

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