Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Feeling proud

My sister and I have a business.

You can visit is here.

We have sourced product, some great, some well quite terrible. 
We have written business plans, budgets, partnership agreements.
We have opened bank accounts, PayPal, merchant accounts.
We have (with my husbands assistance) made a wonderful website.
We have learned so many new things.

Personally, I became the photographer.  The quality of my photos have improved remarkably.

My first ones were terrible.  Poor background, poor depth well just awful.
Now I can say I'm proud of my photos, they are what will draw people to our jewellery (did I mention it was selling jewellery?)

The pics I am most proud of are:

A nice stretchy bracelet

I love this sparkly and pink bracelet set

I love the blurriness of the hair and it was styled just the way I wanted it.  Cute earring too.

This pendant is just beyond beautiful

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