Sunday, April 05, 2015

Things I don't get...

Two posts in one day, cos I gotta get that pic off my front page. WHY do I take such horrible photos (that is an interesting question, but not the topic of this post)

Why do "ordinary" people have haters.  I am grown woman of almost 42 years old.  From what I can work out, no one hates me.  People I know might not talk to me, they might find me dull.  But I don't have people who hate me.

People from that wonderful group called "My Facebook Friends" seem to have people who hate them, people who talk behind their backs, people who have other people making their lives hell.  I can't figure out why.

Do you think it is from marriage break ups, so there are a group on the exes side that is against you.

Well as I have titled this.... I just don't get it.

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