Saturday, August 29, 2015


I work as a nurse in a GP clinic and well over half of my patients need to lose weight.  Most of them discuss it with me.  Everyone is nervous to hop on the scales.  Some are lighter and some are heavier.  Every one of them I discuss about having to make a decision.

The decision to lose weight.

My weight has been steadily increasing over the past 6 years.  Reading back recently over this blog, it might even be over the past 10 years, maybe even 15.

Why won't I make the decision to lose weight?  Why do I sabotage myself all the time.

I'm now close to 20kg heavier than I should be, and I am still a unsure as to whether a decision has been made.  I need to exercise, I need to eat healthier stuff, my downfall for the past year has been bread and chocolate.

How do you "make the decision" to actually try, not just put in appearances to get people off your back.

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