Friday, February 02, 2007

General stuff.

Good afternoon,

I'm really just here to put up some photos. I'm doing the Photo A Day Competition being held by Blue Bazaar, not so much a competition, but a challenge. First week is all about me or my style.
So again, wondering what the heck blogger will do with my photos.
I have taken a self portrait, feel a bit strange about it, but its me and that is what I look like.
I have also taken a photo of something the ladies out there might be familiar with, the pregnancy test.... alas still negative. This will be that last photo of something like that, I won't be announcing it to the world the day the stick turns blue.
Then there is my Marky, he crashed his old bike on the weekend, so we got him a new Repco one with gears and what Mark calls hydrolics but really they are shock absorbers. Its gorgeous and he's VERY happy. This is him trying it out at about 8.30pm last night!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rosemary said...

Sorry, but the photos did not come through.
I want to see this new bike.