Saturday, February 24, 2007

A great weekend.

Yes its been a really good one. One that make me super happy to be a part of a great family. We may be small, we may be isolated from our family, but we are a great team. I'm finding my place here in Newcastle, I'm happy here (except for the mugginess). I would return to Melbourne in a flash, but there would be things I'd miss now. Two months ago, I would not have found one. I have friends now, a good bunch of friends. Jamie has heaps of friends. Mark is settled in school.

Anyway our weekend.

  • A 10km bike ride with Jamie - found out the teeth on the gears are stuffed, that is why its SO HARD to ride up hills and the fact that the chain CLUNKS all the time is very unnerving. I quite like the feel of riding a bike, I like the sailing down a hill (not too fast), I like the idea of riding a bike as well. I know its so good for me that I will make the effort - once the gears are fixed - to ride regularly
  • Had a lovely heatlthy dinner of salad and chook YUM
  • Watched Better Homes and Gardens and now want to build a shed made out of doors - it looks so cool, but Jamie says we can take the same principal and make a nice shelter for the puppies.
  • Did some gardening. My whole front garden is trimmed and weeded, the soil (or should I say sand) has been turned over. Now I want to plant some bright and happy flowers for near the front door. I felt hot, dirty, wet and satisfied... never thought gardening would do that for me.
  • We had another healthy lunch of salad and chook - does that sound like leftovers.
  • Went in our 4WD to the Stockton Dunes. It was great fun, put the dogs, boogie board and some towels into the "forby" and off we went. We decided to take the slightly longer, but less steep track - its the one you went along mum - but we rounded a corner and we could see two cars stopped in front of us!! Jamie got out to see if he could help. According to those drivers there was a car completely bogged in the very soft sand and there was 15 cars in a line waiting. We then decided to go the shorter/steeper track again there was a slight holdup. 5 kids (18-24) in a really cool open topped 4WD could not get up the hill. Jamie and another bloke got out to help - Mark and I stayed in the car. The sand was BURNING hot. Marky and I were chatting when out of the corner of my eye I saw about 10 people all dressed in black shorts and tshirts one of then carrying a baseball bat. Oh dear I thought we are in for a rumble. Instead these 10 people helped move the red car and then they decided to go home. So a very sheepish, new, red 4WD drove past us int he opposite direction to the dunes with its tail between its legs. We got up the hill in one go and our huge sand tyres were at 15psi, that is REALLY low, what you would normally call a flat tyre. Then we went swimming.

I'll finish this post tomorrow, I'm just about to fall asleep and I'll make heaps of mistakes.

Thanks for reading.


jotcr2 said...

Glad to hear it.

Rosemary said...

So glad you are feeling happy, it is contagious.

See you Thursday

Zany Mama said...

I'm not trying to be dumb, but I've come back to your post twice to see if I coudl figure it out: what is chook?

Signed, a silly american.

Christy said...

Zany - chook is aussie for Chicken.