Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just had the best weekend ever - maybe not ever - but it was great, The Scrapanalia Retreat in the Dandenongs.

Went down on Thursday at midday, got Marko's new birth certificate from BDM with his real name. When we changed his name just before starting school, I had one then, dont' know what happened to it. Now I have a very official looking certificate which says "Mark Emmanuel Lantz" formerly known as Mark Emmanuel Orset. Glad that is fully sorted, now I can open him a bank account in his REAL name.

Jo and the most amazing, wonderful, delightful, funny, gorgeous, round, talkative, almost sitting, playing games Sheena Tara Geary came over. Had a great time with the girls. Jo and I shared in my old room and Sheena got kicked out to the office. It was so nioce being home with my mummy, daddy and little sister, felt so normal and nice. Had some lovely cuddles with Miss Sheena, found out that longish hair and babies who GRIP are not good friends, by hair survived. Sheena has discovered that when propped up in a sitting position if you get a good rock going and then flail your arm up you will fall backwards - then you put your little hands up and then do it all again. Very cute.

Friday arvo we went to Olinda to the retreat and it was amazing. The place was gorgeous, green, and fresh. Rooms were nice - shame about water restrictions as the showers were lovely. Dinner was equally amazing, silver service - Salmon on loose lasagne YUMMY. Then to the scrap room. We scrapped the whole time except for meals and sleeping, we worked it out to be about 28 hours and I'm not sick of it.

To be continued.....

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Peta's page said...

I love your blog! it seems very "friendly" and down to earth... I have a lot to learn!