Monday, March 12, 2007

Footy Training.

After a huge kerpuffle yesterday which ended up with my two blokes not liking each other.
Today is a different story and I so wish I had photos. We did footy training. Thursday is the first official Junior AFL training session and Jamie wants Mark fit. Tonight we headed over to the swamp park, swatting mozzies the whole way - I'm sure Shrek is down there somewhere.

First of all was jog - sprint - jog - sprint - jog - SPRINT. He thought that was it.. but no Jamie had other plans. We handballed it to each other, ran and jumped and kicked and avoided the dogs who were chasing each other through the whole thing. The we did some tackling, marking, more running and by this stage I was fully involved too... I ran the length of the park (well maybe half of the length) lots of kicking and running. Then we did some situps, pushups, star jumps, more sprints. It was actually fun and Mark after initially thinking the whole world was against him is now very happy with himself and happy to be playing real footy.

The best part was near the end - Marko collapsed on the ground in a "snow angel" type of fashion with a huge grin on his face. I wish I had the camera - there in a split second - was the perfect scrapbook page ever. :( I missed it again.

Question for the folks in Melbourne... who has our big "normal" camera?

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Rosemary said...

We've still got your camera,you forgot to take it with you.We'll bring it with us next month.
Glad you've finally decided to have Mark play proper footie