Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part III

Hmm, now its Sunday morning.
  • Woke up about 5am. Lay there for a little bit and then decided to quietly get up so as not to wake Connie. No such luck she was already awake as well, so we showered and then went back to the scrap room, it was very strange to be scrapping and watching the sun come up. We chatted - yes I know that I actually mean I talked poor Connie's ear off - and it was so wonderful to catch up with her again, I so miss living just around the corner from her -as I have written on one of my LOs, its so wonder to actually like your family and your in-laws as well. I must be one of the luckiest people in the world.
  • Decided to skip the TaiChi class, just couldn't be bothered.
  • Breakfast of bacon and eggs YUMMMM. Have I mentioned that the food at the Country Place was marvellous and if anyone out there in blog land is looking for a nice place to hold a function or convention, I would recommend this place.
  • Back to scrapping again. I did a total of around 15 - 20 projects for the weekend. I finished off my friend Joanne's wedding album. About 10 LOs of my own. Covered the Smiggle diary that we were all given. The Urban Lilly class which were delightful little boxes with mini books inside. I loved making them but am now unsure what to do with them.
  • Then it really was just pack up and head home.

Unfortunately this is when my life turned - for want of a better word - to shit. I had an almost total breakdown on Sunday night. I think I cried to mum for about 90 minutes, that is a really long time to cry. My Restless Leg Syndrome is so bad that it is ruining my life. The lack of sleep is what is worst, RLS is a sleep disorder mostly, not a neurological or muscle problem. Its so frustrating because so many people think its funny, why would moving your legs a little bit worry you so much, why don't you try magnesium, have you tried ............... and the list is endless. Yes I have tried them all, and not much helps. I'm currently on Gabapentin and a sleeping tablet and for the last 4 nights its been ok, not great but ok. Its still worrying me so much that I feel quite sick most of the time. Daytime napping is quite rediculous, and night time NOTHING isn't so bad, but I keep on remembering all the times when its 3am and I have not had a wink of sleep, I'm so exhausted from pacing the floor and the only thing on television is that stupid QuizMania (who invented that show). So I'm now taping everything I like and rewatching my favourite shows... I have the whole current season of Greys Anatomy on my hard drive and its so easy to rewatch, if you are the tv junkie I am.

Anyway RLS has hijacked this post, so I'll leave it there and will go into more detail another day, I might even take a picture of my legs for a scrap page about my suffering one day! Could be quite therapeutic, but will have to shave my legs first don't you think.

Man that has been a ramble and if you have gotten to the end of it I congratulate you, and if you leave me a comment, I might even send you a Freddo! Actually lets aim for a record - the 10th comment WILL get a Freddo and something nice that I will make for you in the post. Come on (as Lleyton would say) lets get the comment section on this daggy little blog happening. I can make a pretty fancy bookmark you know!

Love you guys, lets see those comments roll in!


Rosemary said...

If I write 10 comments will I get the Freddo? I have dried the sheets after all the crying and look forward to the report that says you are feeling better and that you feel that life is worth living.

jotcr2 said...

I will have a few freddo too. You might have got upset on Sunday after the high of the weekend (and seeing me).