Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday evening.

Mark is having a sleep over at Billy's house. Billy rang this arvo and said "Hello, is that Mark's mum? Can I please talk to Mark?"
Next thing the phone was handed to me, and Mark said, "This needs to be a mum to mum conversation!!" OH DEAR.

I double checked the boys would go to bed, and made the boy have a shower and off to Billy's he went. Very excited he was too.

A leg update.

AWFUL. Dr Singh has changed my meds, so now I'm on Sinemet and tapering off the rohypnol. Not happy Jan. What does this mean? I'm not sleeping, terribly cranky and the worst is.... the pain, ache, itch and annoyance of restless leg syndrome is back with 24 hour vengeance. I have a reflex test on Monday afternoon, so that should be interesting.

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