Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year.

Welcome back to my silly little blog.

Since November we have had Christmas - I have not taken many photos, but if I can find my dooby-lacka to add my photos, I'll put one up.

Christmas 2008 was just our little family. I had to work (again) so we had our present opening on Christmas Eve.

Marky got an orange Ipod Nano, which he had really wanted. A $30 itunes card. A water pistol. A game from my parents, Lego from my sister. He was somewhat happy with his stash, but I think he'll come to enjoy it as time goes on, I think he really wanted some extra pressies.

Jamie and I didn't get each other presents, as we are renovating our home. But Jamie got a whiteboard from my parents and I got a book.

Dinner on Xmas eve we had a LOVELY roast lamb and YUMMY potatoes and a salad, followed by my delicious *Pure Sin*. We watched the Carols by Candle Light until I saw that The Vicar of Dibly was on.

Xmas Day was a bit of a fizzer, work was work, Jamie and Mark worked on iTunes. We went to the beach in the arvo for a little swim with the man.

Then we got into the renovation spirit. Jamie has built a wall in our bedroom, just a tiny little wall for .......... wait for it...................................

built in wardrobe.

Very exciting for me this is. We have shared a TINY 1960s style wardrobe for the past 5 years and its very squashy. It will be nice to finish off the room. Jamie painted the walls a beautiful stone colour and a feature wall of *brushed bronze* metallic paint, its just gorgeous.

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