Tuesday, March 31, 2009

does one require another list of randomness?

Just stealing some ideas from Elsie's blog.
So, here we go......

Q: Where do you go shopping? All your fun clothes and hair accessories?
A: Ok this does not apply to me at all. My main clothes are from Hunter Health, my uniform.

Q: Here's my random question...what is your favorite emotion other than
happiness? :) Very random, huh?
Excitement, like the night before Christmas, my birthday or going on holiday. Like when you can't sleep, but that's ok cos you're excited.

Q: hmmm... What is you favorite flavor of ice cream? the moment of
truth ;]
A: I had a Chocolate Mousse Royal tonight from an ice cream shop in Hamilton, it was sublime.

Q: In your travels, what is one of or the funniest thing you've ever seen?
Not sure if its funny, but being in Dubai back in 2000 and seeing women walking through the airport in full hajib and the sexiest shoes I have ever seen... what is that about? I'm a woman and I was turned on by her feet, didn't need to see her hair.

Q: A random question: where did you fit in in high school?
A: I loved high school, still do. I certainly wasn't a cool kid, a sporty kid or a nerdy kid. I was just plain ordinary I think. Always wore jeans to school, I had the canvas bag with graffiti all over it (gee I was cool). I was remincing the other day with Mark about how we used to sit in the corridor with our legs stretched out... talking. Having chip rolls for lunch and neenish tarts. Ahhh school was great, shame we have to grow up.

Q: What is your favorite Autumn (Fall) tradition or activity that you did as a kid or now?
NO idea. I guess kicking leaves.

Q: if you could have a comic-book-style *superpower* what would it be?!
A: Flying, who would want to fly. One day I WILL fly an aeroplane.. Jamie says he's gonna build one (this year, but he says that every year)

Q: If you can choose one (famous) person to take a photo of, who would
that be and why?
Who would want me taking pictures??? As an excuse to meet Jon Bon Jovi, I'll take his picture.

Q: Caramel apples or candied apples?
A: I like the idea of caramel apples,but have never tried.

Q: If your going to choose one scrapbooking -brand as your all-time
favorite, and one as your favorite right now, what would it be?
A: I like the classic style of 7 Gypsies and really enjoyed using Basic Grey. But I haven't scrapped in about 2 years now. Quite sad really. It was a hobby that I loved. Hopefully I'll go back to it one day.

Q: What's the one song that you just LOVE to jam to while you're driving in your car? ;)
A: I have to sing FULL VOLUME "Pictures of You" by The Last Goodnight


Q: do you prefer solid undies or patterned undies?
A: Anything pink with a patterned

Q: What is your perfect day?
Having fun as a whole family. It doesn't happen terribly often, but when we are all laughing. I don't care if it only lasts for 5 mintues, its a beautiful feeling.

Q: If you were to give birth to twins today- (1 boy & 1 girl) What would
you name them??
Hamish and Audrey. But I can't do that, cos it sounds like Hamish and Andy... crap I will have to come up with a new boys name. I have always liked Edward, but can't use that because of Twilight, I really like Harry, but Harry Potter... I think I can live with Harry and Audrey.

Q: What is your life word? The word that defines your life.
A: Unfortunately it seems to be STRESS. I would like it to be INVITING.

Q:This is always a fun one, especially as an ice breaker... What was the
first music concert you attended? 
I would share mine, but it is a
A: I'm so proud of this one. I was 13 and totally loved Bon Jovi. I convinced Mum & Dad to let me go, so I went with Anneliese Freidl and we were chaperoned by Ruth Sandy, who was a music teacher and a member of our church. She thought it would be a good musical experience for her. We were right up the back of the Melbourne Entertainment Centre which in hindsight is quite a small venue and it was marvellous. I am actually picturing it now and it was brilliant. I'm so hoping that they will do another tour to Australia and I can take Mark to see them.

Q: Did you have a career before nursing?
A; Would never call it a career, but I was a Medical Laboratory Technician. I spent my days from when I was 19-23 either sorting urine or preparting poo or vaginal specimens. I became the poo queen, well me and a totally scary witch called Allison, she was so tiny and scary. I would "plate" the specimens onto a culture medium and then look at them under a microscope looking for parasites, yeast or blood. Gee it was a good job. I was moved into the immunology depeartment looking a blood sample for pregnancy screening of rubella, syphillis, arthritis type illnesses and some herpes. None of which is good to talk about over dinner. My family (Dad, Jo and I) owe quite a bit to Melbourne Pathology.

Q: if you could live any day over, and change nothing, what would it be?
A: The romance and excitement of meeting Mark's dad. Despite the outcome for me personally, it was a magical day. Without that day, I would never have had Mark, or gotten to meet Jamie.

Q: do you like hedgehogs and/or gnomes?
A: Freaky creatures both of them. Can't stand gnomes.

Q: What has influenced/inspired you the most in the last month or so?
A: The Biggest Loser. These people have lost 30kg+ in two months, why can't I lose 5kg in 3 months. I'm off track at the moment, I must get back on. I don't like my size and want to have the results of training. Maybe I should do some exercise? I'm so excited this week is MAKE OVER WEEK.

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?
A: This week I'm eating a new All Bran. Its surprisingly YUMMY. I love porridge, eggs, muesli with yogurt, pancakes. I'm a big fan of breakfast.

Q: So, do you have plans to come out with any idea/inspiration books?
Why what a strange question. I'd love to write a book, I reckon I could do a murder mystery. But it I were ever to actually write a book, it would be a conversational one with some recipes. Maybe I should start wriitng now..

Q: What is your favorite type of food.
A: Meat and salad. CHOCOLATE. I'd love to like healthy stuff, but I don't.

Q: Early Bird or Night Owl???
A: Well it is 1.34am, so I guess night owl, comes from chronic insomnia and restless leg syndrome.

Q: Which T.V. show are you looking forward to the most this week?
The Biggest Loser! Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters and All Saints (loving the re-runs that i missed when I wasn't into medical dramas)

Q: What is your guiltiest pleasure?
A: Nutella off the spoon. Heaven.

Q: Do you go looking for funky colored walls as backdrops for your photos?
A: Must go to Kotara and take soem funky photos. Maybe we'd look good. Hmmm maybe not.

Q: name 3 random things you've bought from a store recently
A: Today I stopped at K-mart. Bought a small suitcase, warm parka for Mark and tissues. All for his school camp to Canberra that starts tomorrow.

Q: What is your favorite cupcake flavor?!?!?! :D :D
A: Plain vanilla, but can't wait for my new kitchen so I can cook up a storm and make HEAPS of cupcakes.

Q: Where do you get your photos developed??
A: Not for ages, but Hardly Normal gave good photos and BigW was totally shit.

Q: What's in your handbag? 

A: Tonnes of receipts (I never throw them out), lots of pens, my phone, wallet, prescriptions, handcreams, my ipod *I hope* keys, coins, safety goggles, work ID. So much shit and I can never find my keys.

Q: coffee or tea???
A: Coffee, but when I'm sick I'd love a cuppa tea.

Q: what is your favorite fast food?
A: McDonald's. I know, I know.

Q: What's making you the happiest right now?
Mark's new attitude. Talking to my mum. Jamie laughing. My tidy house. Planning our skiing trip. Improving our home.

Q: If you were given the choice tomorrow to live anywhere in the world for one month your only requirement is to learn the art of that culture where would it be?
Italy, by art can that mean the cuisine? I'd love to have the enthusiasm to cook italian from scratch

Q: Where is the one place that you feel most inspired?
A: Ikea or Bunnings.

Q: What television show was your favorite when you were a little kid?
Like about 5 or 6 years old.
A: Maybe The Brady Bunch. To be truthful, I don't know.

Q: Is your life exciting, fun, adventurous? Tell us a little bit about your day to day life that
we don't see!
A: SO boring. I watch far too much TV for a human being to actually admit to. Is there a club for addicts? Facebook. Making tea. Thinking about food and whether I should have another glass of water. Some days I fit shift work in as well. Doing these night shifts totally fuck me over. Oh well, such is the life of a nurse.

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