Friday, June 12, 2009

Well just a little catch up.

3rd April 2009.

I'm late! I've been late for about a week. Do I risk it and do a test? Every time I do that my period comes later that day. But today I caved and bought a test. Went to the loo at Jesmond Shopping Centre whilst Jamie was having a haircut. THERE WERE TWO LINES!!! I've only ever had one line before (except for when I had Mark of course). That's when I started shaking. Jamie didn't respond too good, I think I shocked him by showing him at the shopping centre. Its so exciting, quite unbelievable actually. After 2.5 years of trying, thinking about IVF, it finally happened, and naturally too. I know I'm only 3 weeks pregnant, but I hope it will all be good. No miscarriage, no health issue. A happy and healthy pregnancy followed by an easy birth then a great baby!

5th April, 2009.

What do I do about my drugs? In my heart I know its safe, but is it worth the risk? I don't think so. I'll go on Monday to Dr Singh and talk with her. No issues so far. Haven't felt sick - nothing.

Fast forward to today 12th June, 2009.
I'm now 14.5 weeks pregnant and I forgot to do any more diary entries... oh dear I won't make a world renowned diarist. I think later on the day of writing the 5th of April post, I actually checked on the internet and found that gabapentin is quite harmful during pregnancy, causes bone defects. Stopped it that day (actually got Jamie to hide them from me). I suffered with my restless legs for about a week, and then it disappeared. No real problems. Now I have the RLS for about 1 hour each night, but it goes away once I'm in bed - weird.
I've told most people that I'm preggas and have had some really great reactions. The best were my dad (WOOHOO) and Marko he was so excited.

I've had two scans now, got the very cute profile photo from the ultrasound. Bought a couple of baby books. Have booked into the Yemaya midwives group at John Hunter. Yemaya is something to do with the Caribbean and childbirth (will have to do some research about that and get back to you) and its essentially for women who've had a cesaerean section previously to get all the facts on birthing the next time.

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