Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On holiday.

Seriously not much happening. I have cold, a nasty one, mum keeps saying its "Swine Flu". Gee I hope not. We're off to the snow in a couple of days. I need to recuperate so the house is satisfactory before going away, plus I need to pack.

Today I collected our bench top for the kitchen. Can't wait for Jamie to come home now so we can bring it in and look at it. Its quite beautiful. It was only $625, so bloody cheap too.

Our car was detailed on Saturday, its gorgeous as well. Well worth having done.

Jamie bought Marko a snow board on the weekend. Not really worthwhile as it doesn't come with bindings and bindings are very expensive. I wish he'd discussed it with me first. But he did get some gloves, thermals and goggles. He's a happy little camper.

Not doing anything at the moment, just being sick.

All is good with "little Gilford" the amnio tests all came back very good, no chromosomal problems at all. Seems to be growing well, just waiting on some movements... damnit little fella kick your mother.

Leaving for our road trip on Friday, the lovely Kathryn is caring for our dogs and we'll be heading down the F3 to Sydney then the Hume to Melbourne. Very much looking forward to it.

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