Wednesday, August 05, 2009

General Updates.

The ski holiday was pretty damned good.
We went to Merrijig which is right next to Mt Buller. We had a lovely house that we shared with the Storer-Dunn family and the Waters family. The guys and the Waters family went skiing most days and had a good time. I hung out at the house with Connie and Toby. It was lovely spending time with her again and meeting the new nephew. He's a great little fella.

Jamie attemped to snowboard, after a day and a quarter he decided it was too painful and went back to skiing. Marko did really well with snowboarding... i loved his comment "I'm so good at snowboarding, I can do everything except stop". His version of stopping was to fall over (I beleive that it is quite common for boarders to fall). He improved out of sight once his instructor informed us his board was too big for him and got a smaller one (I told Jamie it was too big, but what do I know???)

I went walking on the first day when it was raining and sleeting. Absolutely awful. But now it is just a memory. So I'm so glad that I went up Mt Buller, just such a shame that I couldn't ski. Maybe next year I'll be able to. We have already sort of planned next year's ski trip to possibly Mt Hotham.

Then had a few days down in Melbourne with the family. Nice to be with Mum & Dad. Seeing Jo, Sheena and Roy again. The kids are growing up so fast and are terribly cute. Unfortunately they both had pretty icky colds... there sure was a lot of snot!

Coming home was a bit of a drag. LONG drive only with Mark. We drove the first day all the way to Canberra. LEft Melbourne at 7am and arrived in the capital about 4ish. We were so tired we just stayed at the motel, in bed at 6pm and watched Foxtel! The next day (Friday) we went to Telstra Tower, a look out over Canberra, it was actually very very nice. Then we went to the War Memorial, much more emotional than I would have thought. I think having a child makes war more real... if it was 100 year ago, it is only 6 years away from the first world war, there fore I was thinking Mark would have gone to WWI, made me almost cry. Only stayed for just over an hour but was still very emotional.

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