Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Things I Love

As I have no original ideas...

1. My lovely new iPhone. I'm totally addicted to it, well to be exact, I'm totally addicted to Solitaire. Mark is enjoying downloading free applications which is very fun. Keeps him amused and reduces my battery life BIG time.
2. My growing belly. Totally in love with my pregnant body. I don't have any photos of me yet, but I'm now 23 (or 24) weeks preggers and certainly look it. (That is NOT my stomach, but a picture I found on Google Images)
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3. Looking for baby supplies. All I really need is a cot. I want a white one and the decor will be our white wardrobe, and our blue painted chest of drawers, which shall double as the change table to start with.
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4. Cloth nappies, I'm pretty certain that I'll use cloth. Still checking in with people I know as to which sort I'll get. I used fold your own cloth ones with Marko and he turned out ok. Our summer is really hot and good drying weather, so I reckon I should just bite the bullet and do it.

5. Facebook. Not necessarily a love, but a true addiction. I really enjoy reading everyone's status update and checking out their photos. Every so often I shall partake in a word game, which I'm REALLY bad at.

6. Food. Not just any food, but really bad food. Current loves are chocolate milkshakes, peanut butter and jam sandwiches and cake. Really need to get into fruit again. I went to the Jesmond Fruit Barn this morning and got some strawberries and apples (along with other stuff), so hopefully I will enjoy them as well.

7. Baking. Mainly cakes and cupcakes, along with the occasional slice. Still not a fan of savoury cooking, possibly because my family is not very supportive of what I cook. Everyone likes cupcakes :)

8. Our growing business. I'm SO happy that MyNetHost is going so well. Jamie has put 300% into this business for the last two years and its going so well at the moment.

9. My new kitchen. This is a labour of love. Anyone who knows me in real life knows what trial this one has been. As I have been bypassed of all renovation genes, its up to poor Jamie to do it all himself. He has built cupboards, redesigned the configuration, regyprocked walls and polished the floor boards. Finally we can see the end, all left to do is actually a huge list but its nearing the finish line. Main jobs include getting the new cupboard doors and finishing off the island bench. Already its beautiful and completely functional, just need those finishing touches. Hmm... to find a photo of our kitchen could be quite problematic, so I'll go with another Google image that looks nothing like our kitchen, but is black and white :)

10. Television. Yes it remains something that I love. I think I have cut down a bit which is a brilliant thing, but really do enjoy *my programs*.

So there you have, I found 10 things that I love and found pictures to match. That is really quite time consuming and I really don't know how Elsie does it every few days. Must trawl the net more frequently for it. I'll do a post next on the blogs I love.


Anonymous said...

I loved my pregnant belly :) - glad you love yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am happy that you like the Oreo cupcakes, I ended up eating way too many of them!!