Friday, September 04, 2009

Internet Haunts.

I think I mentioned that I'd talk about my favourite blogs/internet sites on my last post.

This one is very new to me, actually from my ski holiday and I'm totally addicted. So pleased that Alicia posts very regularly. My favourite thing about this site is the cupcakes! She does a poll each week asking what flavour cupcake she should make the following week, and is working through the alphabet. Last week she made an Anzac Biscuit type one using Quick Oats, this week will be Raspberries (looking forward to that one), must remember to go back and make the lemon ones. She also looks through Flickr and Etsy and picks out gorgeous things to look at. Quite jealous of her drive and dedication to her blog.

This one by Elsie Flannagan is an old favourite of mine. Elsie is sort of a scrapbooker, that is where I first found her, but now she is an independent artist and altogether odd girl. She is quite eccentric and I really enjoy that about her. I'd love to have one of her paintings, which are cartoon girls, she could make it of me... I keep thinking about getting one commissioned but as she lives in Missouri, postage to get it here as well as its actual cost might be a bit exxy. When we do our USA road trip, I hope to her shop Red Velvet Art is still going so I can pop in!

The next two are my sister's blogs. Sheena Time and Roy Time. Not sure why she doesn't just combine the two and keep it more regular. I will have to get her to make a banner! I like keeping up to date with the kids photos, I know what's going on in their life, just like seeing them. Cute little munchikins.

4.This is a picture of Olivia Wild (she's on the OC) but the website is called "Go Fug Yourself" and I think its brilliant. Its written my two american girls who critique celebrities clothing/style. It can be bitchy, but really its just what we are all thinking. Another reason NOT to be a celebrity. There are about 4-5 posts each weekday (American Time) so there is always something to read. This week the Daytime Emmy's were on, so all the soap stars got a real flogging. FUN.

5.Another oldie, but favourite. The message board at Blue Bazaar has slowed down heaps over the past year, but I still check it out about once a week. Put my two cents in. Its all about scrapbooking and other paper crafts. But it is more about the friendship and the community. They are a bunch of women who I know, but have never met. I was able to talk about my problems with fertility and then spread the good news when I finally became pregnant, they are all very supportive. There have been some good stoushes at times, but that was only to do with politics (quite funny). I dont' really care much for scrapbooking any more, but still enjoy the community.

6. This one is a real heart breaker. Tammy is the mother of Parker a boy with multiple special needs and health concerns. Makes me so happy to be Australian and have access to health care. Its quite emotional reading, and to be truthful she can be a bit annoying (very Mormon and *thankful* of everything) but a good read just the same.

I'll have to leave it at six. I also haunt Facebook (obviously) and the ABC Newcastle website, but they don't really need any reviews. When shows such as the Biggest Loser or Masterchef are on, I hang on those sites.

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