Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happy Wednesday.

I've noticed on lots of blogs that it is often "Wordless Wednesday" well stuff that. As if I haven't got anything to say.

But to be truthful, I'm still just waiting. We got some renovations done on the weekend, my mini cupboard was made, its so cute, its gonna be for glad wrap etc. We had another dust storm so couldn't paint the doors (again) but its ok. The major problem with the renovations now is that it brings all the tools back inside and I hate having all of the tools lying around.

Mum is arriving today. She'll be here about 1.30pm which is pretty exciting. I'm so looking forward to seeing her. Haven't seen her since my birthday 3 months ago. So much has happened since then, sort of weird actually. Still feel a little bit guilty about not having family at our wedding as we are really a family orientated family. But I can show her the pictures.

Gotta tidy up a bit, but last night I had *period pains* for most of the night, making it quite difficult to sleep, the heartburn was pretty horrific too.

Marky is doing his speech for House Captain today. Fingers crossed. He's quite nervous.

Still not taking photos yet, waiting for the bub.

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