Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This was our trip to Nobbys. We walked along the breakwall expecting it to have a nice cooling breeze, but alas there was no wind at all. It was very hot, I got a little sunburned. Ryan slept in his pram. There is a photo of a coal ship, these are HUGE ships and they come right into the harbour being pulled by a tug boat, but they are silent. You are casually walking along and the next moment there is a giant ship next to you. Very weird. Just before we returned to the car, we sat on the grass (ok I sat, he lay down) next to a beautiful man made pond. He wasn't very happy about this, hence the poor photos.

Just so you are aware, my plan is to upload a new photo on most days. They won't always be of Ryan, might be of Mark or God forbid, Jamie or me. Or it just might be something I have cooked, a place we've been to. Very much looking forward to tomorrow, when we are travelling to Sydney for the day. Hopefully will have lots of nice shots of us around the traps in Sydney.

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