Monday, January 11, 2010

Photos from the past 6 weeks.

Mark and Toby playing on the floor.

Ryan with Sputnik. Sputnik was my chew toy when I was a baby, Mark played with it and I must admit, he looks like he needs to retire, but it is Sputnik.

Father and son in coordinating outfits, and I thought they said mother and daughters dress the same!

For a better look at what Ryan is wearing... yes its an AC/DC outfit. Might have to put it on again, for a better photo.

Gorgeous cousins, Mark and Toby!

Other gorgeous cousins, Toby and Ryan. This always needed close supervision as Toby was a little unpredictable. Such a shame I didn't get a better angle, looks good in real life from above, not so good in photos.

Dad and Ryan, how proud does Jamie look?

Cool shot (if you ask me) of my two boys. Mark and Ryan.

On a very hot day with his new North Melbourne Kangaroos dummy!!

On the floor - still quite new possibly 2 weeks old with "Lambie", this outfit was from the OOSH girls.

Looking adorable in the bath!

Hanging out with Pop.

A self portrait of me and Ryan in the bathroom. Yes I do have the NYE glowsticks around my head... please don't ask, cos I don't have the answer.

Jamie giving Ryan his first bottle of formula. He's only had the one, we've gone back to BF. Please note the cute little outfit, its a pirate tshirt and skull and crossbones pants.

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jotcr2 said...

Well done Christy. Great photos. You are all looking great +++