Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Not the start I was expecting.

Well I've returned to work. It was easy, comfortable and good. I liked who I worked with, the first two days weren't too difficult... different story for Saturday, but due to confidentiality laws.. best keep that story to myself (but ARRGGHHHH just about covers it)

So how wasn't it like I was expecting?
Firstly little Ryan was sick, so no childcare. Jamie stayed home with him. Up until this day, Jamie had "parented" Ryan for a maximum of 3 hours by himself. Thursday was a 9.5hr day with a sickie. Ryan is a good sickie though, he spends most of his time sleeping. Jamie coped beautifully. Friday I was on afternoon shift, my original plan had me leave for work at 1pm and Mark arrives home to help at 3.30pm. Mark spent the night at a friends house, so no helper. I still left at 1pm, after work went to my friends house and didn't get home until midnight then was due back at work the next morning. Jamie is a wonderful dad. I hope I won't sell him short anymore. He does a great job.

Saturday was BUSY. After work I had to collect Mark from Damien's house, met that family, had a cup of tea. Then home, get changed cos Jamie and I were out to dinner. We went to the "Figtree" restaurant in Mayfield. Its really yummy. 8 courses of mostly meat followed by dessert. Had a glass of wine, which looked like 20ml in the bottom of a giant glass. I know there was more in there, but the glass was so massive. Our boys were babysat by Terese.

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