Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Stressed out.

Yep that is me. Completely stressed. Can't achieve anything. Feeling very inadequate.

I'm going back to work tomorrow. This is a good thing, I have been a bit lonely whilst on Maternity Leave. I think the last two months have been better, sort of been forcing myself onto people and that is a good thing. I love football season, I love the community of the football club. I really miss them in summer. I'm worried about how I'll fit into an adult environment again, worried about the dynamics of the place, worried about how Jamie will cope with Mark and Ryan on his own, worried about money, worried about lack of money, worried about food, worried about cleaning, worried about health. What am I doing to combat this worry? Nothing. Certainly am not facing it.

SHIT Ryan is due to have needles today and he's sick as! Will wait until next week then.

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