Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Not too bored really. Just alone.
Baby is asleep - he only had one nap today, so went to bed early.
Mark and Jamie have gone to the Newcastle Regional AFL Award night.

I've done a lot blog surfing (a fabulous time waster), some include Pudge and Zippy, Josie and Sarah. These are all based on babies/adults with Down Syndrome. The first two are babies who have been adopted and they just make me cry, they've been through the AV fistula repair, gastrostomy tubes and hospital visits. The other one about Sarah, is a 21 year old woman living a full and interesting life. Makes me go all mushy.

Ryan updates: he's on the move, not crawling, but definitely not staying put. He can roll, reach, stretch and wriggle to get where he wants to go. Its not very far, but can be annoying. Our home is not nearly childproofed yet. That is happening over the next two weeks. He nearly reached far enough to get a saw tonight!! How would I explain that to the ED?

Back at work tomorrow. I really enjoy work now. Still not a huge fan of morning shift - I really HATE showering people. But lots happens and I lurve the people I work with.

Jamie has managed to get next week off, which will be marvellous for the renovation. My in-laws are coming and they are a huge help when it comes to stuff like that. Hopefully this means my kitchen will be finished - including the walls being painted! Maybe even the hallway will be painted too (I think we started to prepare the hallway about three years ago), its so shit, but we don't notice it anymore.

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EN said...

Thanks for the shout out! Ryan is beautiful - those eyelashes are stunning!

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