Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Things I want/love

Once again, thanks to Elsie for the idea for this post:

1. I want this decal - can be got from here. My plan is to put this on the wall above our coffee machine (should we ever actually get it)

2. Coffee Machine: It is for our birthday present, for both Jamie and I. We're both totally in love with lattes at the moment. Can't get enough of them. But they are quite expensive, we decided to put a big up front cost and get a machine, but Jamie is "looking" on Ebay. Of course that one is far too expensive, but you get the idea.

3. Pretty cupcake papers. I will to get these at some point, still going with the plain and boring ones from the supermarket at the moment. These ones come from The Cupcake Courier.

4. Special baking. I made a fancy 4 layer lemon cake for my dad's birthday. Very impressed with the taste and the look of it.

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