Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Justice according to a 12 yo.

I have only "sort of" following the story of Keli Lane murdering her daughter Tegan, you can read a 7.30 Report story about it here.

This morning during the news, they reported that Keli will be spending Christmas in jail because she was found guilty of the murder yesterday.

Mark then said "Oh that's sad, she'll in jail for Christmas"
Me: "But she murdered her baby daughter"
Mark: "But that was in 1994!"
Me: "It doesn't matter how long ago...."

He then lost interest in the conversation and went back to playing with his baby brother.

BUT, isn't that interesting. If something happens 14 years ago, he doesn't think she should be punished. Or is it that he doesn't understand what the report was saying and only heard "jail for Christmas" I just found it quite fascinating.

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