Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Christmas Wrap Up

We had an awesome Christmas.

I was not expecting this.

It was "just us", just our little foursome, one of whom barely eats.

Mark was so excited, he woke up the first time at 5:30am and I sent him back to bed. At 6:30 he came in, I can't wait any longer, we could hear that Ryan was awake (he was doing his normal chatting to himself whilst in the cot), our challenge would be to wake Jamie. I managed to get him up by stating that in 3-7 years times when Marko is in the full throws of teenage-hood the little boys will be waking him up early in excitement to open Christmas presents, so this year is Mark's payback... seemed to work. All I know is that for the next 12 or so years, we will have a 5-6am Christmas morning! (oh help me now, I'll be nearly 50!)

Our sad Christmas tree looked very full underneath. We have had it protected by the playpen as Ryan is a bit of a destroyer and since his birthday, he has worked out how to open presents.

Mark got a good stash of presents.
  • A Simpson's Scene it DVD game
  • Statue of "The Stig"
  • Lollies
  • iTunes gift card (that he was a bit confused about but then became evident why)
  • A wallet
  • A big Nerf gun - the latest craze; and
  • His own iPhone.
He is beside himself about the iPhone, we have not got a SIM card for it, will wait and see really how necessary it is for a 12 year old to have a mobile phone in this day and age. The iPhone is really and iPod Touch which phone availability. I don't' think it has left his side (hand) since he got it. We pimped it with a bright green cover, so it doesn't look the same as mine, and he's been downloading lots of apps for it.

Ryan, well, just had a birthday, so it was a bit harder for him. But he got a truck, some Thomas trains, a flip out couch, a blankie and some clothes. (I'm sure there was other stuff, but its 5am and I need to go back to bed)

Jamie and I got food! Jamie gave me a Kenwood Patissier Kitchen Aid which is a lovely retro bright red. I was beside myself with excitement and have been baking up a storm. Jamie had purchased himself a remote controlled helicopter towards the end of the year, so that was considered his present.

Lunch was good, I cooked my first turkey... still not the biggest fan of turkey, so will hopefully not bother next year, but then again, I might get swept up in the emotion of Christmas again. One where I'm the mum to three boys and hopefully living in Melbourne again ;)

Will post some photos in the *real* morning.

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