Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day One

Happy New Year!

I'm so totally NOT a Happy New Year person. I think its stupid. You are forced to stay awake until midnight so you can watch fireworks (for us on the telly) and to be completely honest, fireworks are boring and a complete waste of money - in my humble opinion. I don't wish people "Happy New Year", its not my thing.

Gosh, such a sour puss.

Just spent the day at work, I really enjoyed work today. My patients were nice, I was flirted with (we won't count that he was 86 years old, deaf as a door post and almost blind to boot), enjoyed who I was working with. Makes it all very pleasurable.

Coming home was nice, got a lovely response from my men. Mark is now on the computer, Ryan is attempting a nap and Jamie is perfecting the nap.

Today is HOT. My computer says its 30 degrees, but it feels closer to.... 36. Bloody hot, not helped that I have turned into an incubator to what appears to be a big baby. I'm very pregnant at the moment, I expect I have 3 months (12 weeks) to go. My official due date is 3 April 2011, but am expecting to deliver on about 30 March. I have an appointment with an obstetrician middle of next week, should be interesting, I've NEVER seen a fully qualified obs before, I've had two babies and only ever seen registrars! How odd eh?

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