Monday, January 31, 2011

High School.

Its such a big day. Mark starts high school today.

He's organised (as much as Mark can be), and already at school. I made him catch the bus, feel a little guilty about that, but if it doesn't start on day #1, I know he'll be at me to drive him all the time. He was the first person on his bus, but the route starts only 500m from our place.

He set his alarm (on his iPhone of course) and was up at 7.10am, washed his face, brushed his teeth, did his hair, got dressed in his very handsome uniform. He didn't have breakfast due to extreme nervousness, but he's not a breakfast at home kind of guy. I packed his lunch - a roast beef, lettuce and chutney sandwich, an LCM bar, an apple and a flask of water, I froze half of it last night so it would be cold. Its burning hot here today, top of 36, so he'll be all sweaty when he gets home.

We went a little early to the bus stop - about 20 mins early - so had to wait. Ryan and I waited until the bus came, we waved, wished him good luck, and blew him kisses (luckily he was the only one on the bus at this point)

I'm so sorry that I won't be home when he gets home today. I have a clinic appointment at the hospital at 2.15 and to be honest, I think school finishes at 2.15 on Mondays - so the teachers can do their planning meetings or some such bullshit. So I will have some afternoon tea set out for him. Then I can be ready for when we get home to have my ears talked off (I hope!)

Everyone, fingers crossed that he gets "good" kids in his class, that he won't be seduced by the naughty kids and that he makes really great friends that are interested in school, have nice parents and are not bitchy :)))

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Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Wow - a big day! I hope it all goes well :)