Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strange time of year

Today has been quite emotional. I'll start close to home and then branch out.

Today is the day that Mark flies off to Melbourne for his Christmas holiday with my parents. It keeps their relationship close and gives Jamie and I a break. Seeing him walk out the doors at Newcastle airport and onto the plane is always a bit emotional. Today Mark was a total stress head. He badly wanted to put The Simpson's Movie onto his iPhone and it wouldn't work. He cracked it, he was loud, bossy, rude and that makes me happy for him to leave. Then I feel guilty... oh the cycle of it.

Ryan is going to miss him so much. They have played together so beautifully for the past three weeks. Most of Ryan's waking moments are with Mark in the room (or Mark throwing toys at his head!!) Mark is going to miss Ryan heaps too. He's certain he will start walking in this fortnight, something he is sad to miss. Not really sure if it will happen, well it has to happen at some point doesn't it?

I do love having Mark around. He is quite useful if nothing else. But the house should be tidier, we'll definitely save some money. I won't have the constant "but I only want" comments coming every three seconds. Oh and we'll be able to watch the news!

A perfect segue to my next point. EMOTIONAL floods. How can the world be like this. There was huge wall of water that descended on Toowoomba and the surrounding areas yesterday. Over 100mm of rain fell in a very short period of time which caused flash flooding. Watching the news has been the most amazing thing. HUGE brown rivers bouncing cars around like they are made of plastic - not a 2ton 4wd. There are 8 confirmed dead and many others missing. It is so terrifying. Pictures of people sitting on their roofs with water (brown murky disgusting water) everywhere. How it will smell, how will these people cope. Felt at a complete loss this morning, just wanted to watch the news.. but we had to watch Prank Patrol (granted it was a good prank) and the freaking Simpsons. No photos today. I will post some soon... maybe ;)

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