Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm planning on visiting a quilt shop tomorrow. Its been a fantasy of mine for a while to sew a quilt. I love them. Might just start with appliqué for a couple of Ryan's plain tshirts.

I'll check with Jamie his theory on me taking a beginners class.... We are in desperate need of a new doona cover, maybe I could make one. But when I look at blogs on quilts, I get terribly confused. Joyce has inspired me to make a pillowcase, so I need to buy some fabric for that. Pillowcases can't be hard, plus how satisfying to make them yourself.... very excited actually.

Wish me luck. Have to take Ryan for his 12 month needles today :(
Poor little chap hasn't had the best of luck health wise for that past few weeks, so this will make him all the more poorly. Hopefully that means I get good cuddles tonight.

Marko is having a good time with my parents in Phillip Island... no flooding there, or in Nathalia - phew.


Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Good luck with the needles - hope he doesn't have too bad of a reaction.

Row said...

Talk to my mum she is a quilting queen. She knows all the good quilt shops to go to too. Every time I visit I make a quilt, and she keeps on working on one of her many projects :)

Row said...
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