Sunday, January 02, 2011

Feeling Great

After the shittiest NYE almost in history. New Years Day was wonderful.

The shift at work was really great, I worked with Leonnie, Kelly and Amber. I like working with them, our patients were nice and it was all very friendly.

Came home from work and everyone was in a good mood. We laughed, the baby made us all laugh, he's so busy. He was crawling along the hallway holding Mark's torch (as you do!) and then stopped, looked into his room and in he trotted. It looks so funny, making little decisions... "I'll go in here now" when I finally got in to check on him, he was standing up next to his change table organising stuff. He had his ample belly leaning against the furniture and had a tube of nappy rash cream in each hand... and a slightly guilty look on his face.

Had a nice tea as a family, even had dessert. Then we decided to go to the beach. Its been a stinker of a couple of days... 35deg. So bundled into the car and went to Newcastle Beach. Marko went for a swim at twilight - there were about 20 people in swimming - and J,R and I just put our feet in. Ryan thought it was marvellous, whenever Marko went out of sight he yelled "BAAA" (which we believe is Ryan name for Mark) and started laughing.

This reminds me of our dogs when we go to to the beach. Charlie is a swimmer, Skye is not. Charlie heads out into the surf and Skye stays on the shore barking, we are positive he is says "Charlie, come back, its not safe in there". Finally when he can't take it anymore Skye heads out into the water to save Charlie and then they both swim back. Its very sweet (if not a little noisy).

The weather at the beach was LOVELY, a nice cooling breeze, the water was quite cold but everything was still very warm. It was nice to people watch the young beautiful people in bikinis playing volleyball (Mark said "look people are playing Monopoly" poor kid has too many of his mothers genes).

Once home, put the gorgeous boy to bed. We then "buzzed" Mark's hair. Please don't judge us but we have unfortunately had a nit problem for a couple of years. I treat it, they come back, I don't treat and they stay, I comb and comb and comb, treat and treat and treat Mark's hair. But as he likes his hair quite long as its nice and curly, it gives the nits and lice somewhere to feed. Anywho, I found one in Ryan's hair... I told Mark that's it, the only way to rid the horrible little insects is to get rid of his hair. So off it came last night. So far its a #5, but there are still longer bits as the buzzer lost power. I hope to convince him that a #3 would be better, make sure there are NO eggs left. It'll be a nice feeling to be finally nit free. BTW, I got Ryan's out without any issues - there was only one egg.

Here is a photo of my trip to Sydney to see Bon Jovi. I went with Terese and it was marvellous. There were a few songs I didn't know, but the atmosphere was great. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

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Kel said...

Its been a while since I have read your blog, but I understand the whole hair thing Taylor is the same we constantly used to have problems with him and long hair and nits, we did the whole hair shave thing and then a chemist put me on to a wonderful remedy that has never failed. Buy the cheapest nasitest conditioner you can find. Wet his hair a little just damp..smother his head with the conditioner leave it for an hour then brush it throught, you might need a little water depends on the hair and then once brushed through rinse his head out with water till all gone and VOULA!! Not a nit to be seen and since then we have very rarely had problems with nits. I swear by this and so do some friends after I told them too.. Hope it works for Mark