Thursday, January 27, 2011

The things that irritate me about Facebook.

The following are a bunch of status updates that I'm busting to make, but it would be a little too obvious if I did.

By declaring your undying love for your b/f g/f in every update, it doesn't make it any more real.
I have one cousin in particular who writes his undying love in every single update he does. Why does he do this, he lives with her, she is pregnant with his child, I'm sure he tells her all the time. By making me read it every day, makes me not quite believe it. Also the others who say "love you Bob" and then the next week is "Love you Andy" and so forth... its not love when you've been dating for a week.. truly its not love. Give me your update without the bullshit.

There is no need for excessive swearing in your updates.
I do appreciate a well placed "fuck" for emphasis, but all the time is just unnecessary. I have blocked people for excessive swearing.

Asking people to "text your cell" is just plain desperate. Please stop.
Again the cousins, every update saying I'm bored TTC... if you are bored text a friend, don't ask people to text you. If you want to chat to someone, chat to them, begging everyone (usually with over 1000 friends) on your list to TTC sounds pathetic.

Ahhh that feels better. Sorry if you are one of those who do this, but it drives me crazy. Appears to only be 2nd cousins from Canada... I could unfriend them.... might do it. They do send me crazy.

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