Sunday, January 09, 2011


As always I stole this from another blog.

Why did you create the blog?
When we moved I wanted to share photos of our life up here. Not sure exactly when I started it, but that was the motivation, sort of a sharing my scrapbooking and life away from my family.

What kind of blogs do you follow?
Some scrapbooking, baking but mostly families who have children with Down Syndrome. I find them so inspirational. The two I follow most closely now have adopted their children, makes it all the more inspirational.

Favourite makeup brand?
Who gives a flying f***, oops thats not what you want to hear, I'd love to be a makeup girl, but I'm not.

Favourite clothing brand?
I hate shopping for clothes with passion. I hate my figure (when its not pregnant), and detest looking in the mirror. Hand me downs are my favourite brand.

Your indispensable makeup product?
I want to use moisturiser everyday. My mother has gorgeous skin and has blessed me with great skin, but as I'm now 37 I should try a little harder to make it last a bit longer.

Your favourite colour?
I love pink, but tend to wear grey, black and white.

Your perfume?
Deodorant - not a perfume girl.

Your favourite film?
Hmm... I always say "She's Having a Baby", but its a little dated now. I love Monsters Inc. I'm more of a tv person, love my 1hr murder dramas.

What country would you like to visit and why?
Currently its America. I'm quite obsessed.

Make the last question and answer to yourself
What trait do you wish you had? Organisation. Looking at my messy house with clutter everywhere, I want it GONE.

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