Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I slept last night, not early on, but from 1am. All thanks to Polaramine. My new favourite drug. The RLS was really bad, but who cares, the sedative effect of this (totally safe for pregnancy) drug was wonderful. The girl at the chemist said that I would have a hangover effect.. yes I do, but I don't care. I feel slightly alive.

Shame about the heat, its due to be 36 here today and possibly 42 tomorrow. HOLY CRAP how will I cope, how will Ryan cope? I get to go to work in the afternoon, so that will be good - yay for A/C.

Oh my package is in the air. My dad just called and dear little Mark is on the plane, he said "he looks so small amongst all the adults" but a bloke that used to go to their church is on the plane too... My two boys will be together in just over an hour.

I had better get ready to go then.

I love my family, really looking forward to when we are 5, must pack my hospital bag just in case.

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