Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Too many thoughts

I jokingly said on Facebook last night. I need a pensive. A pensive is a type of bird bath that you put all of your extra thoughts into, so you don't need to hold onto them all. I think it would be a good idea if such a thing really existed.

So what is it I'm thinking about:

The birth of my next baby, due in two months time. I want a c-section and it appears the powers that be at the hospital are quite happy to let me do that. The doc I saw yesterday is actually a GP with an advanced interested in obstetrics - so much so that he helps run the clinic - he raised an interesting point with me. Are you finished your family after this baby? Well yes I am. I have said all along that 3 is enough, I won't be going back to "try for a girl", I don't want to have to think about a new car to transport 4 children, the cost associated with 4 children, the car seats, the bedrooms, the school fees, sport fees, toys... well to be totally honest I'm done. I suggested to Jamie recently that he go for a vasectomy (didn't get a favourable response). Anyway this doctor suggestion a tubal ligation, its not something I thought about, mainly because I didn't' think they did it any more. It totally makes sense. No need to worry about contraception, no suprise baby at 45 when I think I'm hitting menopause. Plus my belly is already open (that was Jamie's comment, no need for me to have an operation). Anyone out there in blogland had a Tubal Ligation, any fors or againsts?


Kel said...

Well that is a hard one I dont any man likes the idea of getting that done a 'manly" issue.. but I often heard it was easier to get the men done than the female. But on the other hand if you want a "C" than proablly makes sense. . SORRY havent been much help here but I would think that it would be easier for Jamie

Johanna said...

Christy, my OB kept asking me each visit if I wanted him to do a TL while he was in there last time. I told him I was done with having babies, but was worried about something happening to the baby post delivery or in the first year. He really wanted me to get it done, given my shocking pregnancy, but I insisted I would be back in a year to get it done. Got the referal last week! LOL.