Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pre-camp Jitters.

Mark is off to his first high school camp. Its only in Glenrock Lagoon, in Kahibah. Which I think is kind of funny, as its only 20 minutes away. Its an overnight excursion, where they have to take everything, including a sleeping mat and a "mess kit". So thankfully it was only $40.

Young Mark has no sense of urgency, none at all. I suggested we pack on Sunday evening, the reply was a filthy look and that's just stupid. So yesterday after school, I said "lets pack" and that was greeted well. So we packed, luckily I went through it, he only had 2 t shirts and they had asked for 4, the same with shorts. I ironed his name on everything that would stay still for me. I wasn't letting his have Jamie's mag torch, so he doesn't have a torch, otherwise he's got everything. We told him to leave his iPhone at home, I was expecting this to be ignored, but thankfully he has left it at home. The note said no electronic devices, I'm sure he'll be the only one without an iPod type thing.

So off to school this morning with so many year sevens and a handful of parents. I managed to have a nice conversation with the deputy principal, who I said I hope we never get to know. She was lovely and new to the school, she said it has a fabulous vibe, they have meetings all the time about the children - something that would be rebelled against at other high schools, but its the norm here - she said of course they have their troublemakers, but its shifting. They are working hard at improving the culture of the school. So happy that I chose that school, I know its probably the same at all schools, but I really like the uniform too.

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