Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Life when you are 32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks sounds a long way through, but there are 8 weeks left, that is 2 months! In reality of life, two months is a long time, but when you get closer to 40 (ok I do have 3 years) time moves quickly.

Good things that have happened this week:
  • The heat went away (but its coming back)
  • Work is good
  • I'm going to have a kickass Tupperware party on Friday - its only Tuesday and I have 7 confirmed guests... only have comfy seating for 5.. will have to bring the kitchen chairs in.
  • I've made two slices
  • I've made the bed two days in a row.
  • Two less mice are in the world.
Now for the bad stuff:
  • Restless Leg Syndrome and insomnia. Words fail me how awful this is.
  • Ryan got heat rash and is feeling poorly, off his food (which he is completely hopeless with at the best of times) and more importantly slow with his milk.
  • Mark isn't listening and I feel like a banshee, threatening him is the only thing working.
  • Mark is not really talking to me, unless he wants something, he finds it funny to scare me, trick me, push me to my limits. And this boy was wonderful last week.
  • Jamie is sooo busy, I miss him. He is working on his boat, helicopter, computer or second computer job as well as working full time. Sometimes I feel we are tag team wrestlers, hand slap as one takes over the babysitting duty. When I get home from work its his cue to go out, and a bit vice versa.
  • Lack of interest in cooking.
  • Two failed baking jobs yesterday, I wanted to make profiteroles and forgot to put the eggs in, hence they didn't rise, I know they needed eggs, but just omitted them, waste of time, energy and ingredients.
Ahhh don't you just love a list. Quite obsessed with them. Mark's mate Mads is coming after school due to a footy training day, so Mark has requested I clear the kitchen bench, and could I "try to be a bit nicer"... I replied "if you do be a bit nicer"
Humph, will see how we go..

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