Monday, February 14, 2011


Cute Stuff They Do I Don't Wanna Forget...

Thanks Courtney for the cool title :)

My munchikin commencing his walking career. He hasn't done it much, but will take a few faltering steps when coerced. I'm so lucky that his first steps were captured on our video as I was at work at the time. Might have to send Mark to cinematographer school though, pretty crap job of a momentous occasion.

Climbing on and off his Buzz Spaceship is pretty cool. He can manoeuvre those legs pretty easily these days.

Looking into boxes. We got a long "poster" style box the other week, he was putting his balls into it and then peeking to see if they'd gone in. Terribly cute. Yesterday at the Baker's house they had an old air-conditioner box with a door cut out. He crawled in, sat up and then shut the door, very proud of our little man.

Opening doors - not necessarily good, but clever. Quite frustrating actually. Must get more door locks :(

Eating corn on the cob last night... loved it. He look so confident, like he'd been doing it his whole life (makes me wish I'd left him a little more corn - oops) he also enjoyed his portion of the lamb chop, as my mum says "not a little baby any more"

Another not necessarily cute, but clever, he lets me know when he's finished his food by throwing it off the edge! Messy but thoughtful.

Yesterday was the best laugh, I was listening to an 80s radio station and "The Final Countdown" by Europe came on, well I ding/sing along to the whole song, being a headbanger in my teenage years.. so I did and quite loud, he found the "nahh nahh na-na-na-na" of the intro hilarious and was cracking himself up laughing. He also laughs heaps at Mark over silly faces.

Chasey is fun, especially when he stops and looks around - and as his crawling is very good, its not efficient - so we catch up.

Dive bombing into his ball pit, thank you Arron and Tara for that ballpit, best present ever!

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