Friday, February 11, 2011

The sad, pathetic life of Christy

I'm feeling ick. Lots of problems at the moment... (time for another list)
  1. RLS - bad
  2. Can't sleep because of #1
  3. Anxiety because of #1
  4. Sore ear - I'm pretty sure its a bite, skin started peeling off today
  5. Top of right foot hurts
  6. Lower abdo and upper left thigh pain, actually a little more like groin pain, should I call the delivery suite? (Reminding me a little of the labour from Ryan)
  7. A sense of general heaviness
  8. Puffy feet
  9. Reflux
  10. Slight nausea

Ok, that is more than enough. I'm really tired and want to sleep, but the fear of going to my bedroom is overwhelming. How do I turn off the thoughts??????????

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